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EUICEXFoods from SpainProtected Designation of Origin
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Available from mid-October until January

PersiMon® fruit are only grown in the Ribera del Xúquer Valley, near Valencia.

They have a sweet and vanilla-like flavour, making them the ideal winter dessert or snack.

Look out for the PersiMon® trademark, meaning it is certified with the prestigious P.D.O. status, so that each PersiMon® you enjoy is guaranteed to be nothing but the very best!

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PersiMon® doesn’t just make the ideal snack, they’re unique and are great in all kinds of delicious sweet and savoury recipes.

Check out our latest recipes here, which we know you’ll love throughout the autumn and winter.

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EUICEXFoods from SpainProtected Designation of Origin
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